End Grain Chopping Board (sold)


An indispensable tool for any family kitchen or budding chef.


End Grain Chopping Boards also known as butcher blocks are used by professional chefs around the world. The end grain cutting board’s wood surface is harder and more durable compared to side grain boards. Ruggedly built and rock solid they can last for many years and even a lifetime. When cutting on an end grain board, your knife stays sharper for longer as you are cutting in between the wood fibres.


All of my cutting boards are one of a kind and handmade from locally sourced wind felled trees or salvaged wood which would otherwise go to waste.

Size: 330mm x 260mm x 30mm

Wood: Beech, Sycamore, Walnut, Iroko

Wood care: After use, wipe clean with a damp cloth and leave to dry. To keep the wood looking its best, occasionally wipe with liquid paraffin, available in most pharmacy’s. Unsuitable for soaking, dishwasher or microwave. Decaying fruit may damage the wood.

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Made in Ireland

Handcrafted from wind felled, ethically sourced Irish trees

Each Piece is Unique